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We've made it through this winter pretty unscathed and I hope you and your family have too. 

I am making some changes to the shop this spring and I just want to let you know.  I am no longer going to be "the employer" and the girls will become Independent Contractors, this will let me back off a little from daily life at the groom shop and give me more time to spend with kids grandchildren and my mom, who will be 93 in April!

Because of this decision, the women who have taken care of your pet needs will become Independent Contractors, they will take on their own "business" so to speak and you will work directly with them.  This decision has been a long time coming and I hope you will still allow us to take care of your needs!  We will begin this process on 1 April 2018 and due to the nature of the change over we will not be able to take credit card payments, only cash & check (for the time being, they will have to get up to speed with the "square" system!)

Most of you will not see any difference as we are learning to make this a smooth transition.

Thank you for your time and loyalty to Paws 4 Grooming these past 15 years and I hope the next 15 -20 will be good for you and the  women who keep your kids with "clean paws".