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Paws 4 Grooming began in 2003 after I noticed that we didn’t have a Groom Shop in Tecumseh.  We had many groomers in all areas of Lenawee County but no one had a shop for people to stop by and visit.

I decided to go to the Michigan School of Canine Cosmetology and completed a 10 week course of 8 hours days in dog & cat grooming, and loved it!  I opened my “doors” on August 16th with just 3 

​“kids” and have been lucky enough to have a few more everyday to keep me going.  I worked alone, as many of you remember, in my basement that my husband, Loren renovated for me and had help from time to time when someone wanted to learn the trade or earn a few bucks for school.  Late in 2004 I decided that I needed to have another groomer and to work to getting a place out of my home.  The stairs got to be the largest hassle for most of the bigger dogs that came for their bath for me but Loren wanted the “dog hair” out of the house so we compromised and started to look for a place to call “Paws”.

The end of 2005 we found the building on Russell Road and started the renovations to make it comfortable for the “kids” and parents who would drop them off and for now I think we did a good job. I now have about 400 “regular” kids who come every 6 weeks and I have another 200 or so that come every couple of months for a sprucing, these keep us busy but we are always willing to add new “kids” to our pack!

 I always like to keep the door open for any compliments or criticisms so please make sure you let me know how we are doing.  Because here at Paws “if your happy, your pet's happy and then we’re happy!”  

We are in a new growing season and the changes to the shop will be interesting, so please be patient while the changes happen.  With the women becoming their own contractors there will be some growth and learning.  They will set their hours and create the best schedule for both you, your kid and themselves.  Many changes may be with your time slots and with which groomer you will work with. With that in mind, please keep an eye on who will fit your needs best and keep her informed of that.  Payment directly to the groomer will need to be either cash or check as they haven't explored or have the ability to take credit cards -yet.

'All these changes will start taking place on 1 April 2018, I will keep 2 of the women who have worked along side for many years, Amy Marrison & McKenzie Liedel and we are having another join us later this month Savanah Christenson, who will just be finishing her school.

If you would like to contact us, please do either by clicking the link “Contact Us” or by calling (517) 424.7297 (PAWS)